Blink Focus on Phonics
Age: 3 to 7
A literacy and communication builder for the beginning learner of English. Starting with the building blocks of the English Language, each lesson builds interest and a joyful curiosity for English learning. Fun and functional play-lessons for preschool and beyond. Songs, sounds, subjects and feelings of success are guaranteed.

Blink Focus on Reading
Age: 3 to 12
Challenging but enjoyable reading experiences, accuracy and confidence built through leveled reading and a focused self-exploration to enhance active strategies for reading comprehension. Key stage specific, guided speaking and reading, vocabulary expansion, grammar in practice and confidence building pronunciation are practiced in the accompanied worksheets.

Blink Focus on Conversation
Age: 4 to 12
Communication is at the core of successful and continued advancement in English language acquisition. Topics of interest, stimulating questions, personal experience in the forefront, model dialogues with essential language functions, interactive role play and vocabulary building reinforcement activities.

Blink Focus on Writing
Age: 6 to 12
A well planned course for children committed to write creatively. Starting with building blocks of vocabularies and sentence structure, every lesson is a chance to explore. Descriptive, story-telling, idea-expression and letter writings with different language functions. Discussion that help to develop students’ ideas.

Blink Focus on Grammar
Age: P.1-6
A progressive program helping students to put grammar in use. It clearly explains the difference of each tense block by block. It is great for preparing school's works.

Private Lessons
Simply make an arrangement with us. The lesson will be unique and tailored to fit.

Blink Focus on Play
Age: 2 to 3
Children learn to follow a routine that leads them into learning through play. Colorful and interesting books, animated pictures, crafts, interactive play, and coordination building toys introduce exciting theme based Play lessons. You will not believe your ears and eyes when you realize how well your child can interact and communicate.

Blink’s Phonics Playgroup
Age: 2 to 3
A structural routine that helps children to reinforce the name of every single letter. A golden opportunity to introduce them the different sounds of the letter through play. Various activities stimulate children’s senses. You will be amazed how they explore and discover the power of language.