We believe every child is unique and we cater our teaching methods to accommodate individual learning styles. We encourage diverse thinking through our unique system of learning. We also provide the greatest variety of choice and choice making strategies. Self exploration is the key!

每一個孩子都擁有獨特的個性,沒有一個系統能夠適合所有孩子。所以,Blink 的導師從來都不對孩子進行授課。只會尊重每一個孩子,按照他們的意願,作出悉心指導; 並透過不同的學習形式,幫助他們發掘出屬於自己的專長和興趣,讓家長日後能重點栽培。
Mission Statement
To provide and promote an energetic and joyful environment that encourages children to think independently, clearly and creatively. These three principles will guide all of our decisions:
1. Treating one another with respect and dignity
2. Sharing parents’ interest in children
3. Recognizing the child’s happiness and mental growth as a measure of success
1. 尊重每一位,讓小朋友和導師都能有尊嚴地學習及指導
2. 分擔家長的重擔
3. 小朋友的思維得到啟迪成長

We understand what makes best for children to learn. These deliveries are qualities unique you find at Blink: